Digital Planning 101: The Beginner’s Guide to Planning on your Tablet

If you have been around for a while, you know that I have spent years and years creating beautiful, creative and, most importantly, helpful printables. I truly love everything about printables. I love printing things out and having a tangible piece of paper in my hand. There are moments, though, when having all that paper can simply be inconvenient and quite simply a hassle.

This past year I have migrated from using so many pieces of paper to using the exact same “printables” I would normally use, but digitally. You might be wondering exactly what I mean by that. Let me show you.

This is my printable Weekly Menu Plan. The left image is from the printable version. The one on the right is from the digital version. I simply toss the page into my iPad using a note taking app, grab my Apple pencil and everything is right at my finger tips to keep track of all my weekly menus.

Do you struggle to get dinner on the table every night? Making dinner can be easy with the help of this free printable Weekly Menu Planner.

Chances are you have one or many of the printables you have download right here from the Moritz Fine Designs website or maybe you even subscribe to our Printable Resource Vault. I want to let you know that you can use those printables digitally. Sure, I am now making digital specific downloads, but if you want to get started in the digital world, let’s start with the basics.

What is digital planning?

To put it in super simple terms, digital planning is the same as paper planning, except using a digital device such as your tablet, phone or computer. While I feel like using a tablet is the easiest way to digital plan, it’s not necessary, you can plan on your phone (although the screen will be a bit small) or even on your computer (you won’t be able to use a stylus-which makes it a bit harder to do, but it’s still feasible).

Personally, I love using my iPad to plan. It’s easy to use and I have access to all of my digital “planning pages” on any of my devices.

The digital “planning pages” come in a PDF format, which allow you to download and import to an annotating app on whichever device you choose to use to plan.

You can’t actually “sync” you planner to your calendar, but rather think of it as a paper planner inside of your digital device.

Why should I digital plan?

To be honest, digital planning isn’t for everyone. But here are a few good reasons you might want to give it a try:

  • less paper. period.
  • Always at your finger tips, access on any of your devices.
  • You can quickly and easily share your planner with others by using the collaborate option.
  • You can have multiple planners in your device. This means eliminating carrying around multiple planners with you-basically you eliminate the load!
  • Tiny little learning curve. Digital planning is quick and easy to pick up on. In no time at all, you’ll catch on and quickly become addicted!

What do I need to digital plan?

Chances are you probably have close to everything you need to begin planning right now! If you have tablet (or again, you can use your phone or computer, however a tablet is much easier to navigate) the only other must-have is an annotating app.

iPad Users:

Goodnotes (my favorite) is the app I recommend. Goodnotes is free in the App Store, however, you can only add 3 “notebooks” (aka planners) to your app. For a $7.99, one-time purchase you can add unlimited notebooks.

Notability is another great option. The app is free to download, however there are some limited capabilities, in order to access the PRO version you have to subscribe to their annual plan for $11.99/year.

Android Table Users:

Xodo is a great option because it’s completely free! The free version is most likely enough for your personal use, however there is a PRO version as well, starting at $9/mo.

Noteshelf is a fabulous option as well. This app costs $4.99

All Users:

A stylus. While it’s not totally necessary, having a stylus tends to be the key to digital planning. This is what makes digital planning feel like you’re simply using your paper planner and pen. A stylus, such as an Apple Pencil can be a bit of an investment, however, there are much more affordable options available! Check out some options below:

Tablet Stylus Options

A digital planner. This can be a simple as a one page planner (like I shared at the beginning of this post) or an entire planner based on a topic, such as a calendar (like my 2023 version), a Health & Fitness Planner, a Life Management System or anything similar. Digital planners come in endless options.

So what are you waiting for? Grab any one of the free printables on the website and open it in your note taking app on your tablet to get started!


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