Vintage Fonts | Free Font Friday

“Repurposing” is all the rage in decorating right now…we see vintage items everywhere, both used indoors and out. Besides vintage decor, there are vintage weddings and parties everywhere. To go along with the repurposed theme I thought I would share some Vintage Fonts that you can download for free to use when creating Vintage looking items such as invitations, wall decor, palette art and more!

The links for the fonts are below. Not all fonts are commercial free, so check before use!

Free Vintage Fonts

1. Diner Skinny | 2. Stereo | 3. Marmellata Jam | 4. Foglihten No. 1 | 5.  Ranger

6. Valutes  | 7. East Market | 8. Matchbook | 9. Stony Island | 10. Seaside Resort


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