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2022-2023 Monthly Calendar Planner

It’s never easy to find the perfect monthly planner calendar to manage your day to day schedule, family, work and life schedules. Finally, I’ve created the perfect solution, and the best part is that it’s free!

2022-2023 Monthly Calendar Planner

Grab a binder of your choice and then download this simple and easy-to-use 2-page spread monthly planner to add to your binder. Find the link to download the 2023 monthly calendar at the bottom of this post. When picking out a binder, I chose a binder that represents my style, like these.

Take a peek at the detail of the monthly spread:

It’s easy to put this simple monthly planner together. Simply gather the supplies listed below, print the planner pages and viola!


  • calendar download (get it from the link at the bottom of the post)
  • card stock or my absolute, favorite–cannot live without– paper for printables  (to make the calendar more durable, print on a thicker, better paper)

Supplies You Might Need

(I love binding my 2023 monthly calendar to keep it all together, there are a number of different ways to bind it. I’d suggest one of the following:)

Looking for a more simple calendar? Try the 2023 Printable Calendar.


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  1. Thank you for giving us a free student planner and tips to student like me, it helps me to organize what I need to do in my studies and also it gives me motivation to be productive. Thank you so much and GOD bless.

    1. Click on the pink rectangle that says “Download the Planner Now”. It is smashed on the top of the Holiday planner graphic but it is a separate link.

  2. Help, please! I used the pink link to download the 2022-23 monthly calendar, filled in the information with first name and email address. I still haven’t received the email with the download. Did I not complete it properly? Thanks! Love the monthly calendar!!

  3. Your (2 page per month) calendar is EXACTLY what we needed. I am the principal’s secretary at a high school and both of us appreciate your simple un-fussy design. On top of that, we can use our own 3 ring binders!!!! This allows us to include other important papers we need easily accessible, like athletic schedules and master schedules. We combine this calendar with parts of your student planner…and oh WOW…your 2 PAGE WEEKLY PLANNER has been my life line. We create our own “admin planners”.
    This is the FIRST TIME I have EVER used a planner for an entire year. I usually get so frustrated keeping up with two planners (a calendar and a binder to keep those important papers I mentioned above).
    We are a small district in East Texas and most of our student population is economically disadvantaged; our district doesn’t have extra money, making calendars and planners low on our necessity list. Your free printables is the main reason why we are so appreciative of you!!!
    Thank you thank you thank you,
    -Erin Riddle
    P.S. I wish there was bold and underline font options because all caps doesn’t express how happy I am with your printables. I am stalking your site for 2023-2024 calendars.

  4. Please assist! To get the monthly calendar for 2022–2023, I clicked the pink link and entered my name and email address. The email promising a download hasn’t arrived yet. Was there something I did wrong? Thanks! That monthly calendar is great!

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