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Home Fall Preparation Checklist

Fall is just around the corner, and you are probably already starting to feel the crisp fall air outside. The change of the seasons puts me in an organization mood, and also means it’s time to start preparing your home for winter! I know winter is still a few months away, but by starting to get your home prepared now, you won’t be in a rush to finish everything before the first snowfall.

There are a lot of practical steps you can do to prepare your home for the cooler months starting now! Check out this Home Fall Preparation Checklist to prepare your home for fall.

Download the free Home Fall Preparation Checklist now, it's your Step-by-Step Guide to winterizing your home

Home Fall Preparation Checklist

Porch and Deck

  • Empty and stow planters for the winter
  • Sweep the porch and deck
  • Give any outdoor rugs a wash and store for the winter
  • Wash the windows
  • Clean the grill and store it (if necessary)
  • Clean and stow patio furniture and pillows

Garage and Shed

  • Declutter tools and equipment
  • Sweep the floor
  • Get rid of lingering trash and clutter
  • Bring out snow shovel and sleds
  • Store warm weather tools
  • Bring out rakes

For more tips on deep cleaning your garage, don’t miss this post.


Front and Backyard

  • Remove hoses from outdoor spigots
  • Clean and store fire pit (we like to do this toward the end of fall)
  • Cut down dead trees or hanging limbs
  • Clean up yard
  • Close pool

House (exterior)

  • Clear debris from downspout
  • Replace bulbs if needed in outdoor lighting
  • Clean out gutters
  • Check vents
  • Prepare firewood
  • Inspect roof and exterior of home

House (interior)

Using this fall organization checklist, your home will be ready for fall before you know it! If you are looking to deep clean your home before fall arrives, don’t miss my post on how to deep clean every room in your house.



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  1. In addition to removing our hoses, we also shut the water off to the hose hookup so that the pipes don’t freeze and burst in the winter.

    We also do edging of our grass along the sidewalk and driveway.

    And add foam insulation to our garage window.

  2. Love this list, though the button that says to click and it will be emailed to me doesn’t work, could you please email it to me?

  3. I am just in love with your printables. I’m naturally a very organized person and I love having a check list to complete. I’m currently working on an All The Things Binder to keep all my plans in one spot. Your printables have been a wonderful addition, and love how colorful and fun they are. I will be purchasing your Life Management bundle soon. Thank you for providing such wonderful products.

  4. Hi, the click here to download the free fall organization checklist button doesn’t work when I click on it. Is there another way to get it?
    I just subscribed 🙂

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