[deep clean] Check-lists for Every Room in Your House

You have set your goals for the year…is one of them trying to get your house clean? I mean…really clean? So many times we can get the “surfacey” stuff done, but what about behind the refrigerator? Or the top of the kitchen cabinets? And I hate to mention it, but the grime in your bathroom cabinets is awful!


Download this binder of free [deep clean] Check-lists for every room in your house. Laminate and reuse year after year!

Deep Clean Check-lists

I have created cleaning check-lists for every major room in your house:

deepclean.kitchen_400 Get your living room clean in no time at all with this free printable [deep clean] Living Room Checklist.Has it been forever since you have cleaned out your closets, drawers and deep cleaned your bedroom? Use this Deep Clean Bedroom Checklist to stay on task!Want to get your bath rooms cleaned from top to bottom? Use this Deep clean Bathroom Checklist Have a mess garage that overwhelms you every time you walk in it? Use this Deep Clean Garage Checklist to get everything organized and clean!

All of these check-lists are now together in one printable download guide! You can grab the download at the bottom of this post.

Before you do, I wanted to share a quick idea with you. Don’t print these deep clean check-lists out and then start marking them all up…first grab some self-laminating pouches and put each checklist in one! Then, you can reuse them year after year! You can mark off each item on the check list with a dry-erase marker. When the list is completed, wipe the laminated list down and it’s ready to be used again.

Do you need a weekly cleaning checklist? Be sure to check out this free printable Weekly Cleaning Checklist.




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  1. I could not for the life of me figure out how to download these! I thought that bottom button with the arrow of yours was one of those scam ads that say “download” and you click it and then you get a mess! I clicked the link above your button and got nothing so I finally just went for it and clicked and I am SO happy I did!! Thank you!

  2. I agree…I am pretty techy….but this was crazy….I knew not to hit the download button….but did try it after many attempts to find the free printable..
    It looks like something I really would like to use, but toooooooo difficult to find the download

  3. Is there another way to download/print your free printables without having to re-sign up for the email newsletters every single time? I already receive your email newsletters.

    1. Hey Joy- Signing up is the only way for me to keep track of how many times each printable is downloaded. Don’t worry, though, you won’t get multiple emails from me each time you sign up. The system will only add your email address to my list 1 time!

  4. I get it, but it is extremely irritating to type every time (msinly because mine is such a long address)! I am pretty sure your blog host can rather count all followers!

  5. I tried to download the bundle. Sent to 2 separate emails as they did not go to the first one, so tried the second. Did not get sent to either one. However, other downloads from your site did go through. Not sure why this one didn’t. Please advise.

  6. I’m really glad it’s not just me with the download issue. I can’t download any of them ever! If I could just get all of the things ever, that would be perfect please

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