free FONT friday | free chalkboard fonts, part 2

10 FREE chalkboard fonts {Part 2} has arrived!

Since the first page of FREE chalkboard fonts was such a hit, I decided it’s time to make a  FREE chalkboard fonts part two!! Here are ten more trendy fonts that complete the chalkboard look everyone wants. Feel free to use the links to download one free font, or all of them!


As always, the links for the fonts are below. Not all fonts are commercial free, so check before use!

1.YouKnowTheMovieSong | 2. Jinky | 3. Sweetly Broken | 4. Scratch | 5.  Lordrina

6. 101! Block Letters | 7. Rudiment| 8. VTKS | 9. LT Chickenhawk | 10. FFF Tusj



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