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40 Things to Throw Out Right Now

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Confession! My pet peeve is clutter. I have this spot on my kitchen counter that haunts me. It’s the first place we come to when walking in the house through the laundry room and I think the counter must scream “clutter me up” because everyone dumps their stuff on that particular spot (myself included)! I will take the time to clean this little spot and then swear that I won’t let junk accumulate there ever again! But guess what?! It happens. Again and again.

Junk. It’s everywhere in our homes and we just don’t take the time to get rid of it! Reality is it wouldn’t really take that long to declutter now and throw out the unwanted, the unusable and the unloved items in our homes.

The question is where to start? This can be the overwhelming part, but it doesn’t’ have to be. Let me share with you one option of getting rid of the clutter in just over a week.

things to throw out | declutter your home | organize room by room | declutter now | free printable checklist

Declutter Now…Here’s How:

Grab the “40 Things to Throw Out Right Now” free printable checklist at the bottom of the post.

  • Each day of the week set aside just 15 minutes a day to tackle one room. Each room of your house has only 5 types items to get rid of.
  • Get a box to collect the items you now longer want/need.
  • Move as quickly as you can through the room. Don’t stop to think about if you need an item. If your initial instinct is that it needs to go in the box, do it! The more you think about it, you’ll end up changing your mind and keeping something you don’t need.

That’s it, my friends. In just over one week you can remove a lot of “stuff” you no longer need or want. Try to keep the things on this list cleared out of your home if you can. But as you and I both know, somehow that junk magically appears again, just like my counter gets cluttered again. Do the best that you can and then repeat! It’s the story of our lives, right? That’a why I love this Yearly Deep Cleaning Checklist too!



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  1. Heather can I just say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about your printables! I love your STYLE and the beautiful COLORS! I’ve just recently found your website/blog so I’m a new subscriber. I just wanted to thank you for your content and for sharing your amazing designs. I always get really excited when I get a new email from you. You keep me motivated and your bright printables make me incredibly HAPPY!!! Again – THANK YOU!!

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