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Discover the Ultimate Organizational Tool: The Large Wall Calendar

As we approach the new year, the need for effective organization and planning becomes paramount. The 2025 Large Wall Calendar offers the perfect solution, combining practicality with aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re managing a busy household, coordinating office schedules, or planning personal projects, this calendar is designed to meet all your needs.

It's easy to see your year-long overview of all of your family and work events--download this free printable large wall calendar and hang!

Why You’ll Love the 2025 Large Wall Calendar

1. Lots of Space to Write: Each day has plenty of room for all your notes, appointments, and reminders. No more tiny boxes where you can’t fit anything!

2. Stylish and Chic: We nail it again with a sleek, minimalist look that fits right into any home or office. It’s as beautiful as it is functional.

3. Built to Last: This calendar can be printed on high-quality paper, so it’s tough enough to handle a whole year of use. No more tearing or falling apart before December.

Why Go for a Wall Calendar?

In a world full of digital tools, a traditional wall calendar still has its perks. Here’s why it’s worth having one:

  • Easy to See: A wall calendar gives you a clear view of your month at a glance, making it easier to plan ahead.
  • Always Accessible: No need to dig out your phone or open an app. It’s right there on the wall for everyone to see and use.
  • Simple and Hassle-Free: Just write down your plans – no apps or devices to mess with.
  • Less Screen Time: It helps reduce your screen time and the distractions that come with it, so you can focus better.

Get Started with Your Very Own Wall Calendar


Now it’s time to download and print the calendar. The best part is that you can print this huge wall calendar just $5! Here’s how:

Go to Staples or your local UPS store, Upload the file and and get it printed in a color 2′ x 3′ engineering print! (You can also upload via their website for even more convenience!) Make sure you request the engineering print, they are very inexpensive! Take a peek at it:

Next, you’ll want “hang” the wall calendar. I used mounting dots but you could also use washi tape. It’s gentle enough to not hurt the painted walls and strong enough to hold up the poster.

Some of you might want the flexibility of changing the dates of events you add to the calendar. That’s easy too! Now, don’t just stop by printing the calendar at Staples or the UPS store, but have them laminate it too.

After it’s laminated, you can use dry erase markers to add your events to the calendar–use a damp rag to erase and move your events if necessary.

Get started right away—get your free download here:

Make 2025 Your Best Year Yet

The 2025 Large Wall Calendar from Moritz Fine Designs is everything you need to stay organized and inspired all year long. It’s a perfect blend of functionality, style, and eco-friendliness, making it a great addition to any space.

Kick off the new year with a tool that helps you keep track of your schedule and make the most out of every day. Download your 2025 Large Wall Calendar from Moritz Fine Designs today and get ready to rock the year!


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