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Holiday Diffuser Essential Oil Blends


Soon we will be decking the halls with pine trees, spruce wreaths and holly berries. Why not fill the air with the same amazing scents?!

Holiday Diffuser Essential Oil Blends

We can have a beautiful chemical-free smell by diffusing essential oil blends. It can often seem overwhelming to figure out what essential oil combinations will go well together…so I have taken the guess work out of it for you!

If you want to keep it super simple this holiday season, you can buy one inexpensive oil that everyone will LOVE…Go grab some Christmas Spirit Essential Oil! You don’t need to add anything else to your diffuser…just a few drops of the Christmas Spirit.

On the other hand, if you love a little variety…try some of the Holiday Diffuser Essential Oil Blends below!

Fill your home with wonderful chemical-free holiday smells that include cinnamon, pine, orange and more in perfect Holiday Diffuser Essential Oil Blends.

Make sure you are using pure essential oils. Our family uses these essential oils and absolutely love them. Our air is currently filled with Northern Lights Black Spruce, Christmas Spirit and Thieves!



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