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Free Printable Debt Tracker

Approximately 80% of Americans are in debt. The debt might include mortgage, auto loans, school loans, credit card debt and more. No matter the kind of debt, what this means is that people are paying extra money monthly (interest). Trying to pay down debt is always the best choice anyone in debt can make.

Free Printable Debt Tracker

Using the Free Printable Debt Tracker is an easy and simple way to set debt reducing goals and keep track of debt payments.

debt tracker | free printable | financial organization binder | pay off debt

How to use the Debt Tracker

After downloading the free printable Debt Tracker below, write down all important information regarding your debt on the left side of the tracker.

The very last piece of information you fill out is the “target payoff date.” Before you write down the actual time when the creditor says you will finish paying off the debt, think through when YOU want to have the debt paid off. By paying a little extra every month, you can decrease how long it will take you to pay off the debt AND you will pay less interest!

Every month, write down your monthly payment. Finish the year off by noting your end balance. If the debt did not get paid off within one year, follow the same process the next year and re-visit your target payoff date.


debt tracker | free printable | financial organization binder | pay off debt

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