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New Year’s Eve Party Free Invitation

Are you ready to ring in the new year!?  Yikes, I still remember thinking that the year 2000 seemed so far away when I was a kid and now here we are decades beyond that.

We typically spend New Year’s Eve with family, but this year we get to spend it with some near and dear-to-our-hearts friends! It will be a great time of yummy food and awesome fellowship.

If you are having friends or family over, why not send them this cute customizable chalkboard New Year’s Eve Invitation?! It’s easy to use, you can edit/add your own text in PicMonkey.com  The 2 fonts I used are available in PicMonkey.com; they are Amatic SC and Playfair. Simply download the invitation from the link below. Go to Picmonkey.com and upload the free New Year’s Eve Party Invitation. Click on the text box and add your text! Super easy.

I hope you all have a fun and safe New Year’s with your friends and loved ones!

Free Invitation



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