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Best Free Sans Serif Fonts | Free Font Friday

I love these simple and clean Free Sans Serif Fonts. There are obviously varying weights of the fonts that I added to my 10 Favorite Best Free Sans Serif Fonts List, to give you some variety when using these in your design.

If you have looked at some of my newer portfolio designs, you will see that the Aaargh Font has quickly become one of my very, very favorites! I have even used it in my own design: it’s up on the post titles and over on the sidebar titles too.

The links for the fonts are below.

Not all fonts are commercial free, so check before use!Best Free Sans Serif Fonts

1. Glasket | 2. Liebl Suit | 3. Aaargh | 4. Flex Display | 5. Modeno

6. Museo | 7. Kelson | 8.Delicious | 9. Salaryman | 10. Pigiarniq



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  1. I’m so glad that you wrote that not all fonts are commercial free. I’ve seen many fonts which allow only personal use and commercial use is forbidden. What does it mean? Can i use them on my blog?

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