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Fall Mantle Decor | Free Printable

FallMantle_400pxSo typically, unless I fail like I did this week, every Monday I share a free printable with you. Lots of you are super crafty and creative. You are the type that can figure out exactly what to with the printable when you see it. On the other hand, I know some of you struggle with your creative side. SO, I thought I would show you how I used the Fall Printable I posted about a few weeks ago ( you can see that post and download the printable HERE.)

How to make easy Fall Mantle Decor

After I downloaded the pdf, I loaded up the printer with some card stock and printed out the Autumn Free Printable. I shopped my Goodwill supply I keep in the basement and found this gold frame with a terribly ugly and dated oil painting in it (with a price tag of $1.99!). I decided I would grab some leftover burlap from my drum shade project in our last house {that I made with my great friend Angela} to cover the ugly painting. I wrapped it around the picture and simply stapled it the the wood frame. Next up I grabbed some scrapbook paper, cut it to size and then used spray adhesive to attach it to the burlap. I repeated the adhesive step with the Autumn Printable. Voila. Simple, inexpensive fall decor.

FALL mantle 2013



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