Blissdom 2012 | Nashville, TN….a little life lesson

I headed to Nashville for the Blissdom 2012 Conference this past weekend with one of my dear friends Angela, from Unexpected Elegance. Moritz Fine Designs at Blissdom 2012

We arrived to 74 degrees and sunshine…a great way to kick off our amazingly busy and fun weekend. I had a few goals for the weekend, I thought I might be able to hook up with some current clients, meet some new bloggers and gain more insight into the Blogging World.

So, I did meet my goals:

I got to hang out with some of my clients I work with A LOT, like Ruth from Living Well Spending Less and Paul and Tiffany from I Heart the Mart and My Litter. I also got to touch base with many others, such as Kristan from Moneywise Shopper, Kasey and Jamie at, Brittney and Bethany at A Penny Filled Pantry as well as Melissa and Shelley at Stockpiling Moms and MANY others!

I was so privileged to meet many new bloggers, but i had a little more time to hang out with Edie at Life in Grace {thanks for the shopping trip!!} and Patty from Finding Serendipity {your pix are so BEAUTIFUL!!} and Emily from Simply Complicated {welcome to the blogging world!!}.

And my goal of gaining more insight gave be a big kick in the pants with the opening keynote speaker, Jon Acuff. He wrote a book called Quitter…and might I mention that he is hilarious! In the middle of his keynote he talked about how in the middle of tweeting his daughter wrote a note and put it on a napkin by his laptop. the napkin said “Daddy pay atenshun”. hmmm. Then he followed up with an illustration about how can you be on the phone and have your kid running toward you with open arms to be picked up, but you are too busy…He said, “The years you lose are not for sale again later.” WOW. Having an office at home is hard. Boundaries are hard. But my kids need boundaries. I need boundaries. So today, started the THrEE O’CloCK  computer shut down. My oldest kiddo gets off the bus at 3, and the other get off the bus at 4. I need to be a mom first, so that my kids remember me paying attention to them, not my computer.



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