Quick & Easy Father’s Day Donut Gift

Being the planner that I am, I think most years I unintentionally leave the kids out when it comes to buying Father’s Day gifts for their dad. You know how it goes, it’s just easier to do it yourself. You don’t have to drag the kids to the store, try to convince them to “buy” something (even though you are paying for it!) that dad will really like, etc.

Father’s Day Donut Gift

Kids really enjoy being a part of the giving! Using this simple Father’s Day Donut Gift, the kids will feel involved and excited about giving dad DONUTS!!…yes, dad’s will love this gift too.

It’s easy to run to the store (or if you are desperate, even the corner gas station will have these rolls of donuts) and grab a roll or 2 or pre-packaged donuts. For those of you planning ahead, you can even grab these on Amazon!

Let your kids get give dad DONUTS for Father's Day! Use the free printable wrapper for a quick and easy gift the kid's can make in less than 5 minutes.

Download and print the “donut” printable from the button at the bottom of the post. Have your kids cut the printable out, wrap it around the roll of donuts and tape! Viola! Easy, quick and you’re done. It’s a sweet little treat that would go along with your bigger gift for dad!

One other suggestion–I have had many people message me to tell me that they are using this gift for the dad’s in their pre-school, church group or numerous other organizations! It’s such a great, inexpensive idea!

Looking for more great gifts for dad? Grab this free Father’s Day Top 10 Printable.


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  1. I have tried several times too. Can’t seem to get the download – planning to use them for Church.

  2. I am not able to download the Donut template from website. Can you please send to my email? Thanks.

  3. I’m extremely tech savvy and I’m still having no success in “downloading” this template.
    PLEASE enlighten me?

  4. Can you please also email it to me? I have tried multiple times and isn’t working. Thank you

  5. Hi – as others commented the Donut download for father’s day gets stuck at 50%
    Could you please send it to my e-mail? Thank you!!!

  6. I got the download with no issue whatsoever. Thank you! This will sound like a silly question, but where is the best place to buy the donettes? I’ve seen these in convenient stores before but can you get in a grocery store? I was wanting to use this for my Sunday School class and I have about 6-8 students. Thanks again!

  7. Hello, I have tried several times to download the father’s day template with no luck. Would you mind sending it to me?

  8. I got the download no problem! It is super cute and I love it! However, I bought the mini 6 count package of Duchess donuts at Sams Club and the printable is quite big for the donuts. Would it be possible at all to have you put this image side by side so I could do 2 per page instead of 1? I know this is asking a lot. But let me know if this is something that could be done, even for a small design fee? Thanks!

    1. I cut mine down with my Fiskars trimmer. After cutting off the white edges, I cut 1.5 inches extra off the top and bottom and then an extra .5 inch off each side. I also bought the mini 6 count donuts. It works great for me now.

  9. It still hasn’t worked for me or showed up in my mailbox or spam. I have the donuts but today is the last day I can make them with the kids. Very frustrating!

  10. Would love to use this for my church class Sunday. It’s stuck on 50% will you please send it to my email? Thank You!

  11. Love your ideas
    I tried the link for Father’s Day top 10 printables. But nothing came up. I also tried to search. Please help