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Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween is always a bit more fun for the kids when the 31st lands on a school night! Start planning for your Halloween party!

You can start the celebration early with a few activities:

  • serve some fun halloween food
  • have a costume contest
  • play some games (try doing the limbo and use a broom stick or play Pin the Spider on the Web)
  • make pinwheels
  • go on a scavenger hunt (use the printable below)

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

This Halloween Scavenger Hunt will keep kids of all ages super busy! Before it gets dark, send them off in the neighborhood to find all the items on the list. Pair up the littles at your party with the older kids and have them work on the activity together. It can be a team competition! Adapt the scavenger hunt to work best for your needs!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt



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  1. Hi When I click the link for the Halloween scavenger hunt, it pops out to the Fourth of July scavenger hunt. Any suggestions? thx

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