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Printable Laundry Guide for Kids

laundry guide for kids

Summer break officially started in our house yesterday and we quickly need to get on a new schedule which includes updated summer chores on our chore chart.

Summer is also when I take time to teach my boys new household chores. They older they get the more they need to do on their own, but first I like to spend a fair amount of time showing them the best way to get things done.

This week we are working on laundry!! My kids have put their own laundry away for years. They have mated and folded socks for years too. Sometimes I have asked them to fold the laundry and {OH MY!} it’s a mess! So this summer…they will be doing the entire laundry process from start to finish!

Teach your kids with this free Laundry Guide!

Everyone can sort the laundry, but they are forgetting what temperature to wash each of the colors in…so I created this simple Laundry Guide for Kids to hang in in the laundry room! The kids are thrilled that they won’t have to “remember” the water temps…what will actually happen is that after looking at it for a few weeks, they’ll have it memorized! Grab the link below to print out your copy of the free Printable Laundry Guide for Kids.

Laundry Guide for Kids




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