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School Lunch Box Ideas

For some of you on the balanced calendar, school will be starting in just a few short weeks which means it will be time to start packing lunches again!

I don’t know about you, but our kids like taking a lunch because they seem to be hungry after eating a school lunch.

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Lunch Packing Tips

A few tip to you moms!

First, STOP packing your kid’s lunches. This is something they can do starting in about first or second grade. Our boys pack lunches right after dinner while my husband and I work on kitchen clean up. This gives us all a bit more time to have together in the kitchen as a family and I can keep an eye on what’s going in the lunch!

Next, STOP buying juice boxes! Your kid’s don’t need the extra sugar. Send water. Yes, they kids may complain at first, but they will quickly get used to drinking water. Too many kids are dehydrated. We LOVE using these water bottles because they keep the drinks cold all day long. Instead of “boring” water, we add essential oils to the water. Oils like lemon, citrus fresh, orange, tangerine and more give the kids a variety of different flavors and amazing health benefits!

Finally, let the kids pick out a lunch box that they love. If they love their lunch box, the packing becomes a little more fun! One of our favorites is the Bento Box Lunch Kit. Adding in a few accessories can be fun too! A few of our favorites are the snack containers, ice packs and even these crazy cute forks and picks.

School Lunch Box Ideas

Do you or your kids feel like they run out of lunch ideas? It’s a good idea to download the Lunch Box Mix & Match printable and post it in the pantry or even on the front of your refrigerator. This way the kids can take a peek for some ideas every single day.

Do you struggle to think of healthy, yummy ideas for your kid's lunch everyday? Stop the struggle with this great list of School Lunch Box Ideas. Easy to mix & match.

It’s also super helpful to have bags of foods already prepared. When I get home from the grocery store, I have the kids wash up the grapes and divide them into resealable bags. We do this with many items, including carrots, crackers, etc. Lunch packing becomes a cinch for even your youngest kiddo to pack!

Make lunch time even more fun by sneaking in some lunch box jokes into your kid’s lunch.



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