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2021-2022 Monthly Calendar Planner

It’s never easy to find the perfect monthly planner calendar to manage your day to day schedule, family, work and life schedules. Finally, I’ve created the perfect solution, and the best part is that it’s free!

2021-2022 Monthly Calendar Planner

Grab a binder of your choice and then download this simple and easy-to-use 2-page spread monthly planner to add to your binder. Find the link to download the 2022 monthly calendar at the bottom of this post. When picking out a binder, I chose a binder that represents my style, like these.

Take a peek at the detail of the monthly spread:

You will love this free printable monthly planner and calendar. It's the perfect place to keep track of your work, home and family schedules.

It’s easy to put this simple monthly planner together. Simply gather the supplies listed below, print the planner pages and viola!


  • calendar download (get it from the link at the bottom of the post)
  • card stock or my absolute, favorite–cannot live without– paper for printables  (to make the calendar more durable, print on a thicker, better paper)

(I love binding my 2022 monthly calendar to keep it all together, there are a number of different ways to bind it. I’d suggest one of the following:)

Looking for a more simple calendar? Try the 2022 Printable Calendar.


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  1. Hi Heather,
    I absolutely love your work. It makes me happy every time I open my binder and see you checklists and calendars. I’m trying to download the free 2019-2020 Printable Calendar right now, and when I hit the pink download button, it says the page has been moved. I’ve had this issue before with this website, so I don’t know if my computer is blocking it somehow, but I was wondering if you could help. I’d even be happy to pay for it, but it’s perfect for what I’m looking for.
    Thank you so much!

      1. Hey Erin- I just checked and the email was delivered to you on 8/21…my guess is that it is in your SPAM. Can you check there? If you still don’t see it, send me an email using the contact form on the blog.

    1. Meghan,
      I love your calendar and could use it so much for work/school. I have tried for several times and several days to download it and the link to download the 2021 monthly calendar will not work. Can you PLEASE email me a copy? My email address is tina.foust@knoxschools.org

      Thank you,

    2. Hey
      I printed my calendar planner a while back. Just putting it together today. However I’ve been trying to figure out if OCT 2021 is a Misprint? Or am I just tired or mixed up. It looks like the dates 25th – 30th are missing? It should be Mon throug Sat those dates the that Sunday the 31st? Am I just confused??? I just filled it in myself with INK…to correct it but was wondering if it’s wrong or not?
      ps I love the layout and look of this planner, thanks for your hard work.

  2. I’ve clicked to download this 4 times now and it’s not being sent to my email for some reason – I’ve checked spam and ‘other’ folders and nothing 🙁 These are the cutest planner pages I’ve found in my hour of searching so I’d love to know if there’s something fixable preventing me from getting it. Please let me know. Thanks for your help and time

  3. This keeps sending me on a never ending loop. Trying to get this planner and I keep ending up on this page. Never got the planner to download. Tried several different browsers.

  4. Hi! Love your stuff! Just one little thing, do you have any calendars that start on Monday, not Sunday? It’s totally weird to me to have it start on a Sunday, must be an American thing(?) :))

  5. I am a homeschool mom and want to print a school year instead of a calendar year. Will you have this available for 2021 or is there a way to make it editable?

  6. I love the calendar! What font did you use for the names of each month? If it’s your font, I’d love to purchase it but I didn’t find it on the fonts page.

  7. I love the monthly calendar planner but I cannot get it to download. This is perfect for what I need!

  8. Hi, Heather! I can’t seem to click on the download button. Is there another way to download the monthly planner?

  9. Love this as I start to plan for the next school year! Like Tiffany above asked, the designer in me is curious what font you used for the month names? Love this font! And thanks so much for sharing your fabulous designs!

  10. Hi! Thanks so much for having a 2021 calendar out already for us crazy early organizers!!! It’s the perfect size, style & colours for what I need! However I noticed when I was getting it set up in my binder that October is missing the last week. It looks like it jumps to grey first week of November after October 24th. Is there anyway to get an updated version? Please and thanks!! 🙂

  11. Love the colors and the design, but it’s not perfect yet. Could you have an option for Monday start, please? I like keeping my weekend days together.

  12. I am having trouble downloading this calendar. I have not seen anything like it online….it is beutiful. Any suggestions?

  13. I love these calendars and look forward to using them every year. For some reason I’m unable to download this one. Please help! Thanks.

  14. Looking to have an organised 2021 and I found this perfeect planner but I cant seem to be able to download it :'(
    Any help would be greatly apreciated

  15. Hi Heather,
    I too am having trouble downloading the 2 page free monthly. Could you send it to me via email? Thanks, Linda CB

    1. I am having the same problem. Can someone forward the two page free monthly. Thank you a million times in advance! Tammie

  16. Hi, your design is lovely but the download button does not do anything for me! Would it be possible for the 2021 two page monthly calendar to get emailed to me? Thank you!

  17. Is it possible to get this is in 21-22? I love the layout and colors but would like to use it for my school calendar.

  18. Hello!

    Your designs are adorable! I love the bright colors and crisp look of your style.

    I’ve tried several times to have the 20-21 planner with the two-page layout for each month emailed to me through the link, but it hasn’t shown up in my email. I have checked my spam folder and haven’t seen it in there either. Can you please send this to me directly at joneilpgaley@live.com?

    I’m already working on my planner for the 21-22 school year. Will there be a 21-22 update soon?

  19. Hi, I really like you ideas and products, it’s just a bit inconvenient that the week starts with Sunday as we are used to starting with Monday in northern Europe. I don’t know how many European customers you have, but two product versions would be perfect.

  20. Hi Heather,
    Do you refund money to people who ordered the wrong calendar? I ordered the new ‘21-‘22 planner for $7 thinking it was the printable calendar that’s free. If you don’t it’s no big deal.
    Thanks for all the free printables!
    Paula A Schwarz

  21. Hi Heather!

    I love your lists and have gotten family addicted too! I am having trouble with the 2021-2022 Monthly Calendar. It acts like it is going to send but it never shows. I have received the others that I have requested but not the calendar.


  22. I am trying to find a similar calendar you have made in the past for half sheets…a smaller binder is used for 5.5×8.5 sheets. Did you make a calendar for 2022 like this? It also had the wonderful spread sheet planner.

  23. Hi Heather,
    I love your monthly calendars for meal planning! I’ve clicked to download this 2021-2022 calendar multiple times now and it’s not being sent to my email for some reason – I’ve checked spam and my ‘promotions’ folder and nothing. Please let me know if there is something else that I need to do! Thank you!!

  24. Hello, I really enjoy the look and the usefulness of your monthly calendar. I have tried to get your 21-22 calendar however, the email that I received that only contained the cheat sheet. Is there a way to get the calendar?

  25. I have been unable to get the link for the 2021-2022 calendar. I love the bold colors and have used them in my planner for years. I can’t even get the request to go through. Thank you for your assistance in this matter!

  26. Hi, I guess I am like the rest of everyone! I love the colors and look of your 2 page calendar, but I cannot seem to figure out how to download it. I put my email in and have checked my spam but nothing! 🙁 I would love to have it for the remainder of the 2022 year but would be THRILLED if I could have it for the 2023 year as well since I am planning that far already! Thank you so much for your help.

  27. Hello, Your monthly calendar is beautiful and practical, and I appreciate both. I attempted to download your calendar for the next year of 2122, but the email I got just included the cheat sheet. Can the calendar be obtained in any way?

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