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Outdoor Planting Tracker | Free Summer Printables Day #3

free summer printables | outdoor planting tracker | organize your garden | free printables

In the midwest it’s common for us to start planting outdoors anytime after Mother’s Day. It’s typical that by this date we won’t have any more frost, meaning it’s safe to plant! The Outdoor Planting Tracker is my only way to keep organized from year to year!

30 Days of Free Summer Printables continues today with day 3! Each day will we are bringing to you printables that will help you with your summer organization, fun, travel and much, much more!

Outdoor Planting Tracker

Every year when spring would roll around I would spend hours wandering through the garden centers trying to remember what I planted the previous year in each flower bed and the many flower pots I have all throughout our yard and patio. Can we say time wasted?

A few years back I finally created this Outdoor Planting Tracker and it has saved me oodles of time! It’s so easy to reference. At the end of the summer season I try to add a few notes about what I planted. If I wasn’t pleased with some plants, I be sure to note that so I don’t purchase them again. If I need to increase or decrease how many plants of each type I need, I note that as well. The Outdoor Planting Tracker is your key to successful summer planting.

By the way, some of my favorite plants on the patio are succulents! I love that I plant them in the summer and then bring them inside for the winter. I can recycle these plants from year to year! It’s a great money saving tactic! You can buy a small grouping or even an assortment of 20! (One other thing to keep in mind, is that a cactus and succulent soil mix is going to be best for growing.)

free summer printables | outdoor planting tracker | organize your garden | free printables

Download the Outdoor Planting Tracker by clicking the link below:


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