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Garage Sale Kit | Free Summer Printables Day #2

free summer printables | garage sale kit | organize your garage sale | free printablesThe summer months are here and that means it’s garage sale season. There’s no better time than now to make some money on things you no longer need! The Summer Garage Sale Kit is your key to success.

Remember the old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? It’s time to capitalize on it! Remember, just because you may no longer need or want something, another person might. True inspiration comes from Pinterest and shows like Fixer Upper, where Joanna Gaines truly repurposes unwanted items.

30 Days of Free Summer Printables continues today with day 2! Each day will we are bringing to you printables that will help you with your summer organization, fun, travel and much, much more!

Garage Sale Kit

Prepping for a garage sale can feel downright overwhelming! Many people won’t ever have a garage sale because they think they can’t get organized enough to have one. There is a solution for garage sale overwhelm! That solution is shared with us from Megan, at The Homes I Have Made.

free summer printables | garage sale kit | organize your garage sale | free printables

Megan created an amazing Printable Garage Sale Kit that you can’t live without if you are holding a garage sale. In it she includes everything from a clean out worksheet to pricing labels (don’t forget to buy your labels for the price tags). If you follow her guide your garage sale is sure to be an huge success! How can you lose?…You declutter your home and make a little extra money!

free summer printables | garage sale kit | organize your garage sale | free printables

Find these Printable Garage Sake Kit at The Homes I Have Made by clicking the link below…



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  1. The link is to a print library that costs money to access. It is an awesome resource! Just confused why it is part of a free printable list…

    1. Hey David- Sorry about that, when this was created last year, the blogger who made the Garage Sale Kit had it as a freebie. She has since changed how you can access her printables :(.

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