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Fabulous Free Wedding Script Fonts

We just ended the holiday engagement season, which means there will be many summer weddings just around the corner! Wedding or no wedding, it’s time to enjoy some FREE Wedding Script fonts! All of the links for the font downloads are below. SAVOR these pretty fonts!

Not all fonts are commercial free, so check before use!

Don't go through wedding season without these free Wedding Script Fonts! Perfect to design your own wedding invitations or prepping for a wedding shower.

1. Lavanderia | 2. Janda Celebration Script  | 3. Masterics | 4. Some Weatz | 5. Allura

6. At Mahogany Script | 7. Before the Rain | 8. Sail | 9. Lovers Quarrel | 10. Affair

If you would like to see even more wedding fonts, check out these 40 Best Wedding Fonts.



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  1. Letting you know you have a couple of viruses with your downloads. Your fonts are gorgeous but of course I could download them.
    Just giving you a heads up!

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    1. I don’t understand where these fonts are stored and how to use them! help!! I have downloaded them, installed one, and now what? can I use them in email? in my blog?
      ok, now I have figured out how to save them and install them, and they show up in my Office..thanks

  3. Hi I have downloaded the font… with this ring (lovers quarrel) but can not find it, can you help please.

      1. I just clicked on the Lavanderia link which took me to a chinese website. Now, I am nervous that I might get a virus.

  4. I wouldmlove to use somemof these beautiful fonts however, im using my Samsung tablet and after i unzip the file i get an error that says i dont have any apps installed to use it. Any suggestions?

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