Balanced Food Record Free Printable

We are going to kick off January with a theme that everyone seems to think about at the beginning of the year: HEALTHY & BODY.

balanced food tracker record | diet tips & ideas | eating well | free printable

Balanced Food Tracker

Often times we set out to change up our eating habits, but quickly fail. We think we have it all sorted out in our head, but the reality is if we don’t keep track of what we eat, our eating is not balanced.

Some people prefer to keep a food diary, which works well, but the Balanced Food Tracker Record is a quicker version than writing each and every food down that we eat.

For every portion of food you eat, simply fill in a corresponding circle in each food group. This is an easy visual reminder of how many servings you have eaten vs. how many you have left for the day.

balanced food tracker record | diet tips & ideas | eating well | free printable

You can keep this Balanced Food Tracker Record together with your Workout Record Fitness Tracker in a skinny binder. If you print out 12 of each of the trackers, get some some monthly tab dividers and you can set up Health & Fitness Binder for the entire year!

Want the complete Health & Fitness Planner? Two different size versions are available.




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  1. would like to have a copy of the balanced food record sent to me so I could print it out and look at it.

  2. Hola Heather, I LOVE your organizational skills!! You are awesome! I have downloaded and printed many of your documents. However,with the Balanced Food Record, I am having issues. I am getting error messages and when trying to print. The error messages are: Could not be Printed, An error occurred and A drawing error occurred. Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong on my end. Thanks so much for all you do! Much Appreciation! Angie A.

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