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Spooky & Creepy Halloween | Fonts Free Font Friday

Creepy?  YES!  Scary? YES! Spooky? YES!

These free Halloween fonts cover it all!

As you start to plan your fall and Halloween activities, be sure to add these free fonts to your computer’s font library. There are so many things you can use them for:

  • Make a cute Halloween printable, similar to my fall printables I shared earlier this week
  • Make a fabulous Halloween Party invitation
  • Create some cute Halloween Treat Bags for your child’s classroom

Before you download, leave a comment about your favorite Halloween costume you had as a kid!

The links for the fonts are below. Not all fonts are commercial free, so check before use!The best spooky, creepy and scary free halloween fonts for you to download!

1. Midnight | 2. Jack Lantern | 3. Fiddums Family | 4. Endor Regular | 5. Whipped Scream

6. Nightmare | 7. Bleeding Freaks | 8. Miserable | 9. Ghoulish | 10. Creepsville



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  1. Some of my favorites were the ones my mom made… There were 3 of us and one year we were 3 little ghosts.
    But the ones I made up with my best friend were “epic” Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid (cowboys), Kirk & Spock from Star Trek…. We wandered the neighborhood with costumes each year until we were 16.

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