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21 Day Fix Meal Tracker Printable

I didn't love any of the 21 Day Fix Meal Trackers I got off Pinterest, so I created my own. This is the PERFECT 21 Day Fix Meal Tracker. AND, you can customize it to meet your exact needs!

I turned 40….two years ago and wow did things start changing. I had heard it for years and truth prevailed! Along with 40 rolls in some slower metabolism! Oh so sad, but true. No longer could I eat Lucky Charms for breakfast or grab a candy bar in the middle of the afternoon.

Honestly, I didn’t experience huge weight gain, but slowly over the past few years some extra pounds creeped on! This year I decided I better take care of this weight gain problem before it got too big to handle.

People all around were raving about the Beach Body 21 Day Fix. I started this workout and eating plan back in January and simply fell in love with it. After my first round, my husband joined in and quickly reached his goal weight. I reached mine after 2 rounds.

Ultimately, what resulted was a bigger awareness of portions and what we intaking. This meal plan has become a way of life for us…we definitely cheat on the weekends, and that’s ok! We stick with the 80/20 rule of 80% of the time we follow the plan and the other 20% …well, that’s for the weekend!

21 Day Fix Meal Tracker Printable

I found a few meal trackers on Pinterest, but none of them seemed to work quite right for tracking our food and water. I just didn’t love any of them. I decided to make my own and love it. It is roomy enough and easy to use. I thought I would share with you!



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  1. Thanks for sharing this printable. I saw it in your newsletter. I am having issues loading it. When it finally loads, I see a lot of pink and a corner of the actual form. Thanks.

  2. I have been trying to download this, but keep getting this error “Please activate “zlib” in your server”. I’ve tried downloading on my pc from the website and from the e-mail. Any other suggestions? Thank you!

  3. I subscribed but it’s still asking me to do it every time I try to download the 21 day fix tracker, would you mind emailing it to me? Thx!

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