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Prescription & Medication Tracker

Here we go again…it’s the third kid who is about to get his wisdom teeth out. This should be easy, right? I’ve done this twice before. You would think so, but even when our second boy had his wisdom teeth out, the situation put me in a spin.

You see, you walk out of the maxillofacial surgeon’s office with a pile of prescriptions and strict orders to get the medications filled ASAP. So, off we go, with a kid in a crazy state of mind due to the IV sedation, we anxiously wait for the pharmacy hand us our sack full of meds.

As we arrive home, you try to remember–how often does your kids get which medicine and is it every day? Do I finish the bottle or only until they don’t have pain–your mind is a jumbled mess of what the nurse told you as you walked out the door.

The free printable Medication Tracker is perfect for regular or one time prescriptions.It can be used for all ages-babies, kids, adults and senior citizens.

Medication Tracker

This time, I got prepared before the big day! No longer do I need to feel lost on confused on which prescriptions and when–I created the Medication Tracker so that I can write it all down as soon as the nurse advises on what to do.

Now I can simply follow the directions on the tracker each and every day. It’s no longer a confusion–for anyone. There is a place for the name of the medication, the dose and even some brief notes. Next you can easily check off each day the total number of doses given.

The free printable Medication Tracker is perfect for regular or one time prescriptions.It can be used for all ages-babies, kids, adults and senior citizens.

The Medication Tracker is perfect for regular medications or one time prescriptions. It can be used for all ages–babies, kids, adults and even the elderly.

Ahh, to feel organized, productive with my head not spinning!

You can download the the free Medication Tracker by clicking the download button below.



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  1. Hi Heather. I love reading your emails and love your printables. I got behind the last couple of weeks. And now it won’t let me print anything from you not past ones or new ones. They are saying at 50% and then tells me to sign up to receive the medication chart. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Thank you and keep up the great work. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Heather!
    First of all, I want to thank you for all your wonderful printables for every area of our life. They are great! I have quite a collection of them! When I saw this one come through my email a few weeks ago, I quickly submiitted my email so I could receive a copy. I have done so two or three times since, and never received an email with the tracker. Any other printable that I wish to receive, an email is sent almost instantly and I am able to download. That has not been the case for this one. Thanks for looking into this for me!

  3. I have the same problem as the previous lady. Three to four times I have clicked on the download button and yet I have never received an email from you. I love the chart you have designed I just hope to be able to use it.
    Thanks for all the work you do in making such useful projects.

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