30-Day Declutter Checklist

Do you have 15 extra minutes a day? Pause the Netflix and tackle some of that clutter in your home!

Don't have time to do a deep clean? Tackle the clutter in your house I less than 15 minute a day with the 30-Day Declutter Checklist free printable.

30-Day Declutter Checklist

I can get busy cleaning out drawers, closets, cabinets and more, but sometimes I don’t have hours and hours to devote to doing a clean-out. With a quick declutter plan, even the kids can join in after getting their daily chores done. and

The one thing I have focused on decluttering is small doses. Instead of decluttering the whole bedroom all in one day, I have been breaking it down in small doses–15-minutes a day or less.

Are you ready to join the challenge too? I have broken the tasks down to help you stay focused: kitchen, garage, bathroom, bedroom, family room, clothes and miscellaneous.

Below you will find the 30-Day Declutter Checklist in 15 Minutes A Day. Click the link below to have the checklist sent directly to your email inbox.


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  1. Why does it require me to subscribe every single time I want to download something? I think I’ve subscribed roughly 5 times now.

    1. Amanda- The site is not a subscription, so there is no way for the website to know if you have downloaded something before, unless we had a membership log in site. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s the only way for me to give away great content at no cost to my readers. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

      1. I just checked my inbox and i’m quite sure i never signed up for this one. So i tried to sign up for the christmas wish list printable just now (just saw this one today), and it also stuck at 50% completed for about 10 minutes now. So i don’t know what’s the problem. But still, thank you for your work! 🙂

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