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Chore Charts By Age

Summer is here and that means your kid’s days are a bit more open. The schedule is a little more loose so that there can be more activities added to your kids day.

This extra time is the perfect opportunity to start adding in some chores to the daily routine. This gives your kids the opportunity to possibly learn some new tasks and feel like they share in the household responsibility.


The key to your kids feeling successful in getting their chores done is to make sure they do not to feel overwhelmed by the task ahead of them. A bit of a challenge is ok, but assigning a chore that is too big and daunting can discourage your kids.

I have created a number of chore charts that are age appropriate. The tasks are divided by age.

Starting with ages 3-4 there are basic tasks  your little ones can do. The 5-6 age group gets a few more simple chores added to their list. By the time kids get to age 7-9 a number of more chores are added that require a bit more detail. Ages 9-12 have even more chores that start to teach life skills. The teen chore chart is full of all sorts of chores that any teen is capable of doing.

Every family chooses to set up kid chores in different ways that work best for their kids. Some choose to pay kids for chores and other don’t. Finding chore charts that work best are the key. Besides these chore charts by age, you might like some of these other options:

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  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for your beautiful creations. I just wanted to let you know that chart 7-9 #16 says copboard instead of cupboard. I also wanted to leave you some feedback on your newsletters. I think they are very clean and easy to look at and read. I also love that you include images/previews and easy links back to your website and latest posts! They are very well designed! I enjoy getting them so thank you!

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