4 Things I Did This Year That Changed My Life

I unexpectedly changed 4 things in my life this year that changed my life. One of the biggest changes was introducing my family to essential oils!

I definitely didn’t start 2014 off with a big list of goals. As a matter of fact, I actually only made one New Year’s Resolution. It was simply to get more sleep. I was staying up far too late working and still getting up super early to do all the things a girl/mom/wife has to do to keep family and life rolling.

1. Increased Sleep

Simply put I was going to be in bed with lights out by 10:30. That’s it. I really wanted to take 15-30 minutes to read as well before I turned the lights out. Many nights that happened, but it was not as much of a priority.

It took some time to force myself to get away from the computer and wind down. But what came of it was amazing…no longer was my mind racing every night when I would try to go to sleep and I felt well-rested and ready to start my day in the morning.

2. Adjusted Exercise Habits

It wasn’t until late August when the next couple of changes happened, unplanned. Typically I would hit the gym at 5am most weekday mornings. I would drive 10 minutes there, spend 60-90 lifting weights and doing cardio and then drive 10 minutes home. I always felt great after the workout, but it was a time consuming process. The 4:30am wake-up had to change.

We added some exercise equipment to our already very small home gym as well as integrated some P90x3 and PiYo workouts. This just cut an hour off my total workout time daily. Plus, I cut the cost of my gym membership!

3. Changed Weekday Eating Habits

At the same time, my husband and I decided we needed to change our eating habits. We LOVE sweets…I am a confessed chocoholic! For a couple of months we stuck to a pretty strict diet and both lost the weight we wanted. Since, we have adjusted to a balanced eating system that works for us. We use the weekdays to avoid sugar and carbs and eat lots of protein, veggies and healthy fats. On the weekends we relax our eating habits. We can have desserts and some carbs, but not in excess. It has kept the weight off while allowing us to still enjoy some indulgences!

4. Added Essential Oils to our Household

Lastly, a few months back I took the plunge and purchased my first essential oils kit! I had no idea how much essential oils would change the health of our entire family! Our long list of medications is quickly decreasing as we are using oils to increase the health of our bodies causing us not to need the medications! I love that my boys always ask if they can use a particular oil throughout the day.

As a whole, we feel better and are fighting off sicknesses during this icky winter time! It was one simple step that I was reluctant to take for a number of years, but finally with some prompting from a friend, I decided to dive in and give the oils a try. I would love if you would try them too! You never know how they could change your life! You can read more about my story and the oils here.

If you are interested in trying the Essential Oils for your family, you can grab a great deal that I have put together for my readers:

I unexpectedly changed 4 things in my life this year that changed my life. One of the biggest changes was introducing my family to essential oils!

Feel free to email me with questions at hmoritz (at) moritzfinedesigns (dot) com or follow the directions on my Essential Oils 101 page to order.

Ultimately, each and every one of these changes has made me feel better and healthier. All in different ways. Changing how we treat our bodies from the inside out effects all aspects of our lives, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. Some of these changes are definitely harder than others. But change starts with one simple decision. Simply pick one thing that you want to work on and go for it! Don’t give up. Would any of your changes be some of the changes I went through this past year? I’d love for you to share them with me in the comments below.


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