30-Day Acts of Kindness Challenge

Sometimes it feels like we could all be a little kinder. Parents are one of the biggest influences on children and can play a significant role in how they treat others. Our children watch what we do, and follow in our footsteps. They depend on us to show them how to be caring and help others, and no matter how old your child is, now is the perfect time to start teaching them how to be kind.

Doing acts of kindness will not only show our kids how to be kind to others but also how to help others. By doing these small and simple acts of kindness with your kids, you will not only teach them about compassion but also how easy it is to be kind to others.

Doing random acts of kindness is so easy and fun!  Try the 30-Day Acts of Kindness Challenge with your kids. There are more than 50 ideas listed on the free printable challenge sheet.

Today, I challenge you to try the  30-Day Acts of Kindness Challenge with your kids. Choose 30 acts of kindness, one for each day, to do with your kids!

30-Day Acts of Kindness Challenge

Doing random acts of kindness is so easy and fun! Try the 30-Day Acts of Kindness Challenge with your kids (you can get the free printable from the bottom of the post below). There are more than 50 ideas listed on the challenge sheet. For the next 30 days, choose 1 of the items to do with your kids each day. When an act of kindness is completed, put a check-mark next to that item.

Here are some acts of kindness to included on the challenge list:

  1. Compliment someone
  2. Leave a treat for the mailman
  3. Buy a gift card for the person behind you in line
  4. Make baked goods for the neighbors
  5. Buy the person behind you coffee
  6. Smile at someone
  7. Donate unused toys to those in need
  8. Leave a 50% or more tip
  9. Babysit a neighbor, friend or family member
  10. Send a thank-you card to someone
  11. Give a dog treat to a dog on a walk
  12. Pay for a stranger’s meal
  13. Plant a flower or tree and watch it grow
  14. Say thank you and please more
  15. Volunteer
  16. Open the door for someone
  17. Offer to do yard work for a neighbor
  18. Send a care package to a soldier
  19. Pick up trash
  20. Send a handwritten letter
  21. Leave change in a vending machine
  22. Let someone go before you in line
  23. Pay someone a compliment
  24. Buy groceries for a family in need
  25. Make breakfast for a family member
  26. Donate to charity
  27. Give a teacher a thank-you gift
  28. Help someone elderly carry out their groceries
  29. Leave a bag of candy on a doorstep
  30. Prepare a meal for your family
  31. Donate outgrown clothes
  32. Help someone in need cross the street
  33. Plan a surprise party for someone
  34. Volunteer at a retirement home
  35. Host a free lemonade stand
  36. Hold the elevator
  37. Do another family member’s chores
  38. Pay for someone’s bus/cab/Uber fare
  39. Make hot chocolate for your family
  40. Leave an encouraging note on a car
  41. Pay the adoption fee for a rescue animal
  42. Donate your hair to a good cause
  43. Hide money in a book for people to find
  44. Be kind to others
  45. Create inspiring chalk art at the park
  46. Sponsor a child
  47. Donate books to the library
  48. Walk a neighbor’s dog
  49. Return someone’s cart for them at the store
  50. Tape change to a parking meter

Doing random acts of kindness is so easy and fun!  Try the 30-Day Acts of Kindness Challenge with your kids. There are more than 50 ideas listed on the free printable challenge sheet.

Random acts of kindness are not just a way to give back to those who need something a little extra during a hard time, but also a way to spread our wealth and joy to other people. Our children need to learn the power being kind to one another can bring, and how it has an impact on everyone. One simple act of kindness can make someone else’s entire day better, and can even help change someone’s life.


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  1. Very nice! I’m up for the challenge….thanks….And I’m very proud to say I HAVE taught my gals pretty well per your list

      1. OMG I love them I am totally using it for my kindness summer camp. thank you soooooo much the kids are going to love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

        please make more!

  2. Thanks for sharing Heather! Your article is WOW! Helping other people gives you a sense of fulfillment like no other especially when given wholeheartedly. Happiness is a product of kindness and the more we genuinely practice it, the more fulfilling it will be for you. Your simple acts of benevolence can become an instrument in boosting one’s happiness and may even change one’s mood for the better. Read my blog about Kindness: A Simple Mission to Help Others.
    Hope this will help.




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