Vehicle Maintenance Log

We have 5 drivers in our house and 4 cars. The expectation of our teen and young adult drivers is that they have to maintain gas and oil changes and we help with repairs of the “kid cars.” My husband is in charge of taking care of all things for the “adult cars.”

Track all maintenance and repairs that you do to your vehicle with this free editable Vehicle Maintenance Log.

Realistically, what that looks like is this—one random kid gets an oil change and drops the receipt on my desk. Another kid gets the tires rotated on another car and drops the receipt on my desk. My husband has maintenance done on another car and drops the receipt on my desk. At some point I hear, “I think I need new tires, how old are my current tires?” No one can remember what was done to which car and when. Sure, we could go dig back through the filed receipts. I decided there had to be a better way.

Do you get as frustrated as I used to when trying to remember details of what happened when?No matter how few or how many vehicles you have in your home, instead of feeling frustrated, you simply need to implement a system (and this one takes just 30 seconds!).

Must-Have Vehicle Maintenance Log

I created this very simple Vehicle Maintenance Log to keep track of all the things vehicle related. Wow, has it has saved us so much time and energy. Now, when anyone gets something done to a vehicle, the receipt still gets dumped on my desk, but before it does, the work done gets entered onto this Vehicle Maintenance Log.

The log isn’t rocket science. We all know that, but the act of writing everything down when it happens is what is life changing. As a matter of fact this page is a part of the Life Management System, which is the perfect solution to getting all aspects of your home-life well organized.

What we do, because we have 4 vehicles, is have 4 copies of this page in our Life Management System—one for each car. The frustration has now ended. When someone asks when their tires were last rotated, they can quickly and easily flip to this page in the Life Management System and find every detail.

Are you ready to start easily tracking your vehicle maintenance? It’s easy—simply download and print the Vehicle Maintenance Log using the button below.


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