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Best Ever Handwritten Cursive Fonts

I have to admit that I LOVE many of best ever handwritten cursive fonts, but there are a few that are my favorites!!

At the top of the list is the Arsenale White Font…if you look up at my logo, the “fine designs” is the Arsenale White font. *adorable*

The Sunshine in My Soul font is my other favorite…I am absolutely in love with this one!! I try to sneak in lots of designs that I do…in more subtle spots. I think it just seems to work!

One font that I didn’t mention that we see everywhere is the CK Ali’s hand. Although I didn’t include it I thought I would share another font that isn’t free, but is an Ali Edward’s font that is fabulous: it is her CK Fluid font, and let me tell you, at all of $1.99 it won’t break your bank!! In yesterday’s post I shared with you my new inexpensive, Pinterest inspired Christmas Pillows. I used the Fluid font for the text on the pillows!

Do you have a favorite handwritten cursive font that is not on my Top 10 list? I’d love for you to share it by leaving a comment below

Not all fonts are commercial free, so check before use!

Best Ever Handwritten Cursive Fonts

1. Event Shark | 2. Sunshine in my Soul | 3. Milkmoustachio | 4. Eternal Fascination | 5. Arsenale White

6. Popsies Regular | 7. You Found Me | 8. Radical Llamas | 9. Teddy Bear | 10.Prophecy Script



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  1. I’m always looking for nice, hand-written cursive fonts.

    I noticed most of these don’t have punctuation. Do you know if it defaults to Times New Roman when you type punctuation in?

    1. Stacey-
      I don’t believe that Times New Roman is the default, necessarily. I believe it depends what program you are using the font in, as I know I have had it default to a number of different fonts. I wish I had a better answer for you than that!

  2. I’d love to know the name of the font you use for “I’m Heather” – even if it’s not a free font… I’M IN LOVE!

  3. Hi
    I know it’s been long you’ve posted this. Ur I ended up here lookin for Ali Edward’s font, it’s not available anywhere can u plz help me , many thanks n rgds 🙂

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