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Christmas Card Tracker

To be perfectly honest, mailing out Christmas cards can be an absolute nightmare! Cards and envelopes, stamps and the “year in review” letter. Then the licking and sealing. It almost needs to be a family project–in order to remember who you have and have not addressed the envelopes to. phew! It’s always a pleasure to have this job done!

Stay organized this holiday season with our free printable Christmas Card Tracker. Keep everyone on your Christmas Card list in one location.

Christmas Card Tracker

To help keep you organized I have created this “Christmas Card Tracker”. It’s a great place to keep all of your addresses in one location. Also, each year you can mark off if you have sent the card as well as if you have received from each person or family on your list.

You can download the Christmas Card Tracker at the bottom of the page.

We are trying to keep you super organized this holiday season. Be sure to also use our “Christmas Gift Tracker”. It’s the perfect place to keep all people and the gifts you have purchased for them on your shopping list in one single location. Be sure to grab the Christmas Gift Tracker here.



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  1. Tried to download this but never received an email. Sent message through the Contact page and never received a response. It’s too bad. It really looked cool! I was trying to use it for a gift I was making for someone. I will have to go elsewhere.

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