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Organize your iPhone 6 in 5 Minutes

4 Easy steps to organize your iPhone in 5 minutes! Your iPhone 6 home screen will never be the same again. Use our awesome FREE download!

Last year, I shared a simple way to organize your iPhone. But as we all know technology is ever changing!

Many of you have upgraded to the iPhone 6, which means you need a new organizer!

Let me show you how you can organize your iPhone 6 in 5 minutes!

Do you love to organize? Do you need a place for everything and for everything to be in it’s place? Then you will absolutely LOVE to organize your iPhone 6 home screen! It’s a quick way to look at your phone and at a glance find something quickly!

4 Easy steps to organize your iPhone in 5 minutes! Your iPhone 6 home screen will never be the same again. Use our awesome FREE download!

There are 4 easy steps to organize your iPhone home screen:

1. Download (links below) one of the backgrounds you would like to use on your phone. I offered 3 “blank” backgrounds and one that already has the text on it (it’s the same one I used in my example):



2. If you want to use the background exactly as you downloaded it, skip straight to step 3. If you want to label your rows,  go to Picmonkey, upload the image and add the titles to each box. Then re-save the image.

3. Email the image to yourself and open the email on your iPhone. Save the image to your camera roll (to do this, simply press down on the image until a window pops up with the option to save the image).

4. Go to Settings>Wallpapers & Brightness>click on the home screen image under the heading called “Choose Wallpaper”. Tap on your Camera Roll and click the newly downloaded image. You will not need to move or scale the image, just click “SET”, then choose “Set Home Screen”.

That’s it! Click your home button and check out your new home screen!…Go ahead and organize your icons in rows!

PS….When I first saved my image, my phone was STRETCHING it…argh!…There is a quick and easy fix (in case your phone is doing that too!). Go to SETTINGS>GENERAL>ACCESSIBILITY>REDUCE MOTION (turn this to ON). Now it should look perfect!

Want another awesome tip?!  Check out my case for my iPhone–>>HERE. I absolutely LOVE it! No longer do I have to lug my purse around everywhere I go! Now I can just grab my phone, and it has my license and credit card in it…I don’t need anything else!

Have an iPhone 7? Get organizers here.

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  1. I was so impressed with the desktop organizer template (which I just implemented onto my computer at work this morning) that I had to find more of your awesome organization stuff for other places in my life – found your iPhone organizing template and am so excited to use it!! Thanks for the wonderful templates, you’ve made my life a little bit easier!!!

  2. I didn’t have any trouble adding this – your directions were perfect. My problem is that you have to fill every slot to make it work – I don’t have that many icons and I had put them into “groups”, so I can’t just move things to the rows I want to put them in unless all the rows above are full. Great idea tho.

  3. I am loving the desk top organization download so when I saw this, I was so excited. But…I have an iPhone 6s plus. Are you planning on making anything for us big phone handlers? The reason I got the plus is because I do so much on my phone. Would be nice to keep it organized too! Thank you~~~~

  4. I used your purple background on my 5s but recently upgraded to the 6 plus. Can you pleeease make one? I was so excited to find this and tried it before realizing it wouldn’t fit the plus! My OCD can’t handle anything else on my background lol.

  5. Hi I have used your organize backgrounds for my iPhone 5 in the past. I now have the iPhone 6s plus. Is there anyway you can make one to fit the iPhone plus devices please? Pretty please!

  6. Hi. I recently downloaded the background but it doesn’t seem to fit the screen. I did the settings as mentioned but it still doesn’t seem to fit. The very top gray portion is about half the size as the other sections which throws the rest off. Any suggestions?

  7. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been trying to find a really good organized way to arrange my homescreen and I think I just found a winner! I’m going to check out the desktop version now! My iPhone looks so much better !

  8. Hi,
    I downloaded alright but the labels did not show even after following through with your added suggestions.

    Will really appreciate your help.

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