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Organize Your Email Inbox for Good!

Is your email inbox a nightmare with thousands of emails? Get a handle on all of those emails and organize your email inbox for good!

I almost had a heart attack last week when a friend of mine sent me a screen shot from her phone. Check it out, she has 6,124 emails in her inbox. WHAT?!?! I don’t even know how to process that other than to go to the inbox, select all and hit delete!

So maybe you have the same problem? An email inbox that is busting at the seams. Well, friends it’s time for you to get your email inbox cleaned up.


You might have to set aside some time to actually weed through the emails already in your inbox. I would highly recommend using a little something called Unroll.me. It quickly allows you to unsubscribe to lots of unwanted junk email and also allows you to condense all of your subscriptions into one daily email sent to you straight from unroll.me.


Now that your inbox is cleaned up, you need to keep it that way. Your daily email from Unroll.me is a great start, but it’s time to implement a filter system.

No matter what kind of email you are using, if you take 10-15 minutes, you can set up automatic filters to keep your emails organized as they enter your email inbox.

What is an email filter? Simply, it’s is the processing of email through a set of specified criteria to go to specific folders.

You can set up folders using filters to automatically push emails into your organizational system. Below are steps you can take to filter your emails in numerous different email services:

Gmail | Outlook | Mac Mail | iCloud Mail | Yahoo Mail

Organizing your Inbox for good requires a small commitment of time. The results, though, are amazing. A fabulous feeling of organization will overcome you!

Do you have an iPhone and want to get it organized too? In just 5 Easy Steps you can Organize Your iPhone..read those steps here.






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