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10 Fonts to use for Labels

I have an addiction. I love to label stuff, and of course it has to be cute. I admit I have a label maker that I really enjoy. It’s convenient to use, but actually fairly limiting. I have found it’s just easier to make my own labels for many things. I use this awesome clear sticker paper so that I can make labels using any font I want and in any size!

10 Fonts to use for Labels

Below are some of my favorite fonts to use for label making…I’ve even included a few more whimsical fonts!

Not all fonts are commercial free, so check before use!

If you love to organize and label everything, try out these must have Fonts to use for Labels. Clean and easy to read on any item you label.

1. CaslonCP | 2. Ever After | 3. Erlan Regular | 4. Siple Light  | 5. Blanch

6. Work Sans | 7. TypoSlabSerif Light | 8. Ostrich Sans Inline  | 9. Lionel Text Stream | 10. The Skinny




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