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By His Wounds we are Healed. Isaiah 53:5 | Free Easter Printable

With the Easter Season upon us, it’s time to spruce up our homes with the beautiful reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made for us. Simply that Christ died on the cross for all of our sins. We have been blessed with His grace…no greater gift!

You can grab this free printable of Isaiah 53:5 “…by His wounds we are healed.” as a reminder of the gift we were given.

By his wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53:5 | Bible Verse free printable | Easter home decor


A few ideas on how to use this free Isaiah 53:5 Printable.

a canvas: Groupon typically has really good deals on large canvases at inexpensive prices…Head over Groupon, make sure you have a free account and then put “photo canvas” in the search box to find the latest amazing photo canvas deals.

frame it: Gran one of my favorite frame here, print out the Isaiah 53:5 Printable art and pop it in your frame!

decopauge: put it on a clipboard or even on a pillow!

By his wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53:5 | Bible Verse free printable | Easter home decor




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  1. i found your page by accident through the truecouponing website and as i tried to quickly exit I saw your designs and smile and now I’m glad God led me here your ideas are very inspirational and easy to follow I have already printed the apple sauce recipe and can’t wait to try it with my family it’s a great mother daughter cooking time recipe thanks for the great fun I pray I can find my way back it was like having a chat with my fellow crafting friends y what a beautiful Florida morn

  2. Oh, how sad that there are so many loops to jump through to get this printable.. it really is a beautiful one.. but not really free considering you have to download something (and extension) to get it.. 🙁

    1. Nichole-You shouldn’t have to download any extensions to get the plugin. You want to make sure you are clicking the download button and not an ad. Sometimes ads pop up that say “download now.” I wish they didn’t, because they confuse people and I can’t control what ads show up. Feel free to try again, and if you have issues, I can email the printable to you.

      1. Ooooh!! Yes, I see it! Lol! Thank you so much! and yes, it was hiding under al the “Download now” links (about 5 through the whole page.. lol) DUH! So glad I found it though, I really love this printable! Thanks for sharing it! 🙂


  3. When I click download a picture pops up that says 50% complete and asks for my email but there is nowhere to put my information in?

  4. I’m not able to download the’By his wounds we are healed’ printable. The ‘click here’ pink bar does nothing when I click on it.
    and I really love this one!

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