Printable Punch Cards for Kids

Unmotivated. Does this describe your kiddo? Or maybe they just need a little nudge to get a little more done? Maybe they are sitting in front of the screen for way too long each day.

Get your kids motivated to do chores, make healthy choices, earn their screen time and more by using these free printable Punch Cards for Kids.

Punch Cards for Kids

It’s time to end the arguments by using the free printable Punch Cards for Kids. A large number of included options are available–your child may not need all of them, so use the ones that will work best for them:

Screentime Punch Card: for those that thing they should sit in font of a screen all summer long–make those kids earn their time. The can earn punches how ever your family decides–but you could try by reading a set number of minutes, playing out side daily, and more.

Chores Punch Card: Your kids avoiding their daily chores? Decide on a reward after they earn their punches.

Reading Punch Card: My kids were not readers when they were young, and we needed a motivator–maybe this will work for you too.

Healthy Choice Punch Card: Snack time? Give your kids 2 options, if they choose the healthy option, they get a punch.

Kindness Punch Card: Catch your kids in the act! When you see them doing a random act of kindness, give them a punch! It might just spur on more kind things from them!

Cleaning Punch Card: Did they get their room clean? Pick up their toys? Add a punch to their punch card!

Get your kids motivated to do chores, make healthy choices, earn their screen time and more by using these free printable Punch Cards for Kids.

You can make these punch cards even more fun, with fun punches! Your kids will love these punches of all shapes.

Are you ready to get your kids easy and simple punch card system set up? Simply click on the button below to download the Printable Punch Cards for Kids.


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  1. Hello, I just wanted to say Thank you for all that you do to help keep us, and our kids motivated and organized. I Enjoy every email you send and hope you and your family have a Wonderful summer!
    Love, your friend Jen Nanez

  2. I really want to print out the Punch Cards but the download button doesn’t work! Can you help me?

  3. These are super cute! Like mentioned in previous comments, unfortunately, the download button does not work. Would you be able to email me this printable?

  4. Hi I turned off my pop up blocker was well but I can’t download either would you be able to send it to my email?

  5. I’m on a mobile phone & don’t have a pop-up blocker on here & can’t get the download button to work. How else can I get it?

  6. I’m also having the same problem – the link to this download isn’t working. Pop up blockers are off and all other downloads are working fine. Just this one isn’t working! HELP!

  7. Hi! I love these cards. I am also having troubles with the download button. I tried with Safari and Chrome but they both don’t work. Is there another way to get these cards still?

  8. Hi, Ive been trying to hit the download button as well but its not working. Would love these for my intervention kiddos.

  9. I’ve been trying to download these since January. I put in my name & email address to the pop up box but I never get the email. I’m already on your subscribe list so maybe that’s why I’m not getting them? Can you email them to me directly?

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