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10 Must-Have FREE Hand-Written Script Fonts

If you all have been around the blog for a while, you know that I have a *small* obsession with fonts. Truly, I wish I had an unlimited budget to buy fonts–even though I already have thousands in my font library…seems you can never have too many!

When it comes to a budget, though, I really do have to limit what I can spend. Before I ever buy I font, I try to find the perfect free font because there are so many amazing free fonts.

10 Must-Have FREE Hand-Written Script Fonts

Below are some of the latest free Hand-Written Script Fonts I have come across and fallen for. xoxo..font love.

Ever come across some amazing fonts that you love. It would be wonderful if you could share them by leaving a comment below.

Not all fonts are commercial free, so check before use!

If you love fonts, these free beautiful, irresistible Hand-Written Script Fonts are perfect for your latest printables, craft projects, invitations & more.

1. Bromello | 2. Event Shark | 3. Shorelines | 4. Brown Bag | 5. Yellow Tail

6. Wedding Chardonnay | 7. Elevate | 8. Notera | 9. Hickory Jack | 10. The Heart Maze




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  1. These are some amazing scripting fonts and it is best to learn handwriting skills. Recently I have come to cross these amazing tips and I think it is best to make a gifting cards.

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