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Fabulous & Free Cartoon Fonts | Free Font Friday

Here are some Fabulous & Free Cartoon Fonts for you this week! I think these free cartoon fonts would be fun for kid’s craft projects, children’s birthday invitations or even some fun party decorations! The Peach Milk fonts would be adorable to use on a canvas print in a kid’s room! Let your creativity flow and find some fun uses for these free cartoon fonts!

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Not all fonts are commercial free, so check before use!cartoonfonts

1. Brewsky | 2. Planet Benson | 3. Miss Smarty Pants | 4. Green Piloww | 5. Mandingo

6. Peach Milk | 7. Stefanie Dots | 8. Anime Ace | 9. Lazy Sunday | 10. Time Machine




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  1. THANKS!! I always love your fonts posts! I have over 5000 fonts installed on my computer – but I only had TWO of these! Wow!! {of course, I just HAD to download 4 more of them! LOL} Thanks again for all the work I know you must put into these posts each week!! 🙂

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