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Thanksgiving Game for the Entire Family – Simple and Fun Game for All Ages

It’s the classic after Thanksgiving dinner feeling. Your pants are so tight, you are so completely grateful that you decided to wear that extra long sweater so you can unbutton those pants to get a bit of relief!

Oh, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Families around the country are all feeling the same way. Turkey day has done them in! Bellies are full of turkey legs and stuffing. Full of mashed potatoes and green beans. Full of pie and candy corn. 

Family Game Time

Instead of letting the tryptophan win and put all your guests into a food coma, it’s time for a little fun Thanksgiving game or two!

Gather everyone around for a fun game for both the kids and adults.

Perfect for Thanksgiving Day, this free printable family Thanksgiving Game Fact or Fiction will get the entire family thinking and guessing!

Try the Thanksgiving Fact or Fiction Game

First, use the button below to download the free printable Thanksgiving Game: Fact or Fiction. Be sure to print out a copy for every one of your guests, both kids and adults! Next, set a timer for 10 minutes. During this ten minutes, ask everyone to decide if each statement is fact or fiction and mark their answers on their game sheet. Finally, when everyone is done, determine the winner by finding the guest with the most correct answers!

Fun Thanksgiving Activities

Why stop with one Thanksgiving game? Your Thanksgiving guests will also love the Thanksgiving Word Scramble. Set the timer and see who can unscramble the words in the least amount of time.

One other thing to remember is what Thanksgiving is all about. If you give everyone the opportunity to briefly  journal what they are grateful for using the gratitude cards. After everyone has filled them out, you can take turns sharing if you like.


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  1. I am looking for your Frame TV Holiday freebies you mentioned on your YouTube channel! Thank you for the tips on putting my own pictures up, it worked! I am hosting a Neighborsgiving for our street this Friday and was wanting to create a fun something with our street name . “2021 San Saba NeighborsGiving” Love the games, will use them for sure.

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