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Lovely Valentine Printables


Valentine’s Day is such a crafty holiday to me…when I think waaaaay back to childhood , we always made our own Valentine’s for family members. We used to get out the paper lace doilies, construction paper, cut out gobs and gobs of hearts and glue like crazy! I seems that when we inch closer to February, I get that crafty itch!!

I have to say that I love how bold yet simple these new Lovely Valentine Printables turned out!! I sat down to Photoshop with an idea in my head, and then they turned out totally different! That’s ok, I still love them and hope you can find a great place to use them!

The links for all the printable are at the bottom of the post!

Lovely Valentine Printables
Lovely Valentine Printables
Lovely Valentine Printables
Lovely Valentine Printables



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