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Printable Large Wall Calendar

I love using my calendar on my phone and I love time blocking out my week…but what I love even more is seeing our family’s big overview of the year.

I didn’t really have a way to see a year long overview I needed. Truth is, I wasn’t in need of a place to write our day to day calendar events and appointments (as I mentioned before I use my iPhone for that), but what I needed was a place to view our major events–like days off school, vacations, work-travel time blocks, summer camps and more.

Large Wall Calendar

I needed a quick-glance year long calendar. The extra large wall calendar would be perfect for our mud room. It’s in a great location for everyone to see and know what is going on.


Now you can download and print one for your home too. The best part is that you can print this huge wall calendar just $5! Here’s how:

You can head to the Staples or your local UPS store, Upload the file and and get it printed in a color 2′ x 3′ engineering print! (You can also upload via their website for even more convenience!) The key here is to get the engineering print, they are very inexpensive! Take a peek at it:

It's easy to see your year-long overview of all of your family and work events--download this free printable large wall calendar and hang!

Next, I decided to “hang” our wall calendar with mounting dots but you could also use washi tape. It’s gentle enough to not hurt the painted walls and strong enough to hold up the poster.

Some of you might want the flexibility of changing the dates of events you add to the calendar. That’s easy too! Now, don’t just stop by printing the calendar at Staples or the UPS store, but have them laminate it too.

After it’s laminated, you can use dry erase markers to add your events to the calendar–use a damp rag to erase and move them if necessary.

Get started right away–grab your free download here:



Get organized for 2024 with the easy to use monthly 2024 calendar! Simply opt in below to have the FREE calendar sent straight to your inbox.

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  1. Thank you so, so much for this printable! I downloaded and edited it to include all the family birthday & anniversaries, school holidays, etc. and have sent it off to Staples to have it printed. I can hardly wait to pick it up

  2. I went to UPS.com and under “Services” I can’t find any printing services offered. Did you mean FedEx? I’m going to try Staples because there is one fairly close to where I work. I was just really hoping that the UPS by me could print stuff!
    Thank you for this. I look forward to planning out next year with my family on this great document!

  3. Heather – this wall mount calendar is fabulous! Thank you so much for the info on the engineering print. Definitely doing this for next year in our homeschool room.

  4. I’m excited about the 2022 Wall Calendar. Thank you for your creativity! I am wondering, is the 2021 Wall Calendar still available? And the 2021 Printable Calendar sheets? Thank you again! Your work is very much appreciated.

  5. I love nearly everything you put out. I’m so excited about this giant calendar. You say the architect print from the ups store is about $5? What do you think the cost for the engineering would be from Staples? And lastly, how much do you think it will APPROXIMATELY be? We are on a very tight budget and I have to be careful. Thank you!

    1. It should be $5 at Staples. That is where I usually print mine, or the UPS store. I am not sure about laminating, but I think if you called Staples and told them the dimensions they could give you a price over the phone! 🙂

  6. I have checked with our local UPS Store, Office Depot and a local print shop. It’s costs over $30 to print this file where I live and about $20 to laminate it. I’m not paying over $50 for a one year calendar. If anyone can direct me to a place where I can indeed get this printed for $5 please reply to this comment.

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