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School Memory Binder

One of my greatest treasures for each of my boys are the School Memory Binders that I have kept ever since they were in Pre-School.

Faithfully each and every year we would get out the School Memory Binder and fill it full with a photo, signature and answers to the simple questions.

Keep track of your kid's favorite things about each school year with this free printable School Memory Binder for grades Pre-School through Grade 12.

School Memory Binder

Your kids will love to look at past years and remember the memories and giggle about how they have changed over the year!

Creating the School Memory Binder is super easy, simply follow the steps below to get it all set up.


You can put together your binder by either using a simple half-inch 3-ring binder or my favorite disc-bound system you can put together a binder like the one in my image, using the other supply items listed.


It’s as simple as printing out the School Memory Binder (get the download from the bottom of the post) and either hole punching the papers with a 3-hole punch and place in a binder OR punch them with the Levenger Circa Portable 1-2-3 Punch or the Staples Arc Desktop Punch and place them in the disc notebook rings, then add the translucent cover.

Keep track of your kid's favorite things about each school year with this free printable School Memory Binder for grades Pre-School through Grade 12.

Be sure to keep your binders in a place you will remember to access them. In the crazy busy of life, it’s easy to let a year pass by, forget to pull them out and miss filling in the information. You can easily avoid this by adding a reoccurring reminder to your calendar. The month of May is a great time to capture all the information and memories of the current school year.

And, when that school year starts to wind down the piles and and piles of papers make their way home. Don’t go crazy! You can easily get your kids school papers organized with just a bit of set up.


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  1. What should I use to write on the black text box on the front page? I’m afraid any color will hide in the black.

  2. Do you have anything like this for the last day of school? Maybe not these fields but at least a photo to place on there with the same heading to be like a bookend of the year in the binder?

  3. Everyone in our family grew up with a similar binder it came as a hard bound book!
    I have looked and looked for something similar to give to the future generations because we can no longer find that book.
    The hard bound book had each year as a hard (heavy paper) pocket. In it we kept all our report cards; rewards; and a few special papers like excellent tests etc.
    I found these poly zippered pouches on staples (could not find an amazon link :() they would work perfect for this project https://www.staples.com/Staples-Zipper-Pouch-3-Hole-Punched-Clear/product_862437
    Thank you once again for all your work that you share so freely!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I actually had a similar hard bound book growing up and was looking for something similar for my kids and couldn’t find anything, which is why I made this!

  4. Hi. I’ve tried to download the free memory binder several times now and I never receive the e-mail. I’ve checked my junk/spam folder and it’s not there either. I’ve downloaded a lot of free stuff and even purchased some things from you and never had a
    problem, until now. Please help.

  5. I would love to make the memory binder! I don’t see a place to enter my info, though. Only for the student planner – which is super cute but not what I need for my kiddos’ binders. Where can I find this, please?

    Thank you!

  6. Hi,

    I tried to click on the link to download the school memory binder and it will not load. Please help.

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