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Virtual School Class Planner

This upcoming school year is a little uncertain. There are schools asking kids to come back to the school classrooms while other schools are asking their students to stay home and attend classes online through virutal school.

Other schools are doing a hybrid method–basically a mix of classes in person and classes virtually online.

If your kids are doing full-time or even part-time virtual school, download this free printable virtual school class organizer.

Virtual School Class Planner

No matter the schedule your school is offering, if your kids are attending class online or virtually at all, there is a need to be super organized to manage the school schedule.

There is so much to keep track of –class, time of the class, days of the week and then there is the link to the online video class, the class id and the pass code. Ahh, times that by 7 classes for your high school students and you have a logistical nightmare on your hands!

What is going to be your child’s saving grace (oh, and maybe your saving grace too)? It’s time to grab the free printable Virtual School Class Planner. It’s a simple organizer to help keep your student’s weekly schedule.



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