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Student Planner

It’s 10pm and your kid announces that they have a math test the next day. They can’t find their review sheet and have spent no time studying for the test at all. UGH! You feel like pulling your hair out…again.

Keep your student organized this school year with the free printable Student Planner that's customizable for kids in all grades.

Free Printable Student Planner

It’s time to get your student organized this school year and it will be simple to do with the free printable Student Planner.

The Student Planner is chock full of pages to get your student completely organized. But the best part is that each student can personalize it fit their needs. Print out the entire planner and pick and choose which pages will work best for their schedule (an elementary student will need to use different pages than a college student).

Over 30 pages are included:

  • cover
  • overview calendar
  • yearly glance
  • goal setting
  • class schedule (semester 1 & 2)
  • assignment schedule
  • exam schedule
  • reading log
  • grade tracker
  • project planner
  • monthly calendar for January through December
  • weekly planner
  • daily plan
  • daily routines
  • notes
Keep your student organized this school year with the free printable Student Planner that's customizable for kids in all grades.


Find a binder of choice to create the Student Planner. You can grab a simple 3-ring binder with a clear pocket or even a decorative binder. I suggest printing on heavy weight 32 lb. paper for durability. This will ensure that the pages will be durable and last through the school year. You can even add divider tabs to make sections for the calendar, subjects, exams/grades, and more. Don’t forget to use my favorite erasable pens (because we all know we make mistakes!)

Creating good habits starts with a routine from morning through night. At the start of the school year encourage your student to set up their planner and use it daily. Once they get in a habit of writing everything down, it will get easier and easier to use on a daily basis.

And now FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, We are offering our dated daily student planner at en extreme discount.



Get organized for 2024 with the easy to use monthly 2024 calendar! Simply opt in below to have the FREE calendar sent straight to your inbox.

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      1. Sorry teacher, i try to download the planner but it doesn’t follow after 50% and i really want to print it

      2. Savanna- I did respond to your email, but never heard back from you. I see that everything has been delivered to you, but most likely hit your spam box. Have you checked there yet? If so, and you still don’t see it, there could be a blocker on your email. Feel free to respond to my email and I can send you a direct link.

      3. I am not able to print the planner. I love your creative idea, I can’t wait to try. Please me a copy to my email.

  1. I’m a subscriber and the email I received about the student planner isn’t working and for some reason I’m having issues getting it to download.

  2. could I also get some help with the organizer, as well? I just keep getting looped around and around with no download at all. Not even 50% :((
    Thank you so much. I really enjoy your material and I actually love reading your posts.

  3. Hello,

    I to cannot print the entire planner. Please help! I feel this will be an asset for my 7th grader and I.


  4. I absolutely love your student planner. One of the best I’ve seen. I’m having the same problem with downloading it as others have expressed. How can I get a printout of it. Thank you!

  5. Hi there, I know that this post is about a year old but I am interested in downloading the student planner that you have designed. When I press the download button nothing happens. Is this student planner still available for download ? If so please advise me on how to download it or could you send me a link that will make it accessible to my email address? I would be greatly appreciative!
    P. S. You have a true talent with [he designs you create and thank you for offering your printables to the public

    Best wishes

  6. Hi, can I get an email with the awesome printable planner too? My daughter is super excited!

  7. Hi Heather

    Im having the same problem aathe other users. It is 50% off nd the free download isn’t working.

  8. Hello, the only email that I received was for the mini course. I did not receive anything for the printable.

  9. I can’t print the Student Planner…I click on the link in the email and it just sends me back to this page and when i click to download it ask for my email again…

  10. Hi Heather,

    I have been trying to download your planner but it seems like everyone else I cannot get it to open.

    Thank you

  11. Hey Heather,

    I tried getting the student planner twice but i still did not receive it could u plz help me out here

  12. Hi,

    Thank you for this printable, but sadly I’m having the same issue as others. It asks for my information and takes me to a promotional page. But the email never arrives. It has been over an hour and it still is not there. Is there any other way to receive this download?

    Thank you!

    1. Nicole-I see this got delivered to you on Jan. 28th. If you try to opt in a second time, it won’t get delivered again. Let me know if you found the delivery email (also could be in your spam).

  13. Good afternoon– Nothing happens when I click the download link… is there another way to access the planner file? My children could really use this! Thanks in advance!!

      1. I saw your comment about a different browser and immediately pulled this page up Firefox and the download was instant!

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  15. I would love to use this printable but have been unsuccessful. Could I get some help please:)? Thanks I’m advance!

  16. Hi! Is this still available to download? I clicked the download button but nothing happened. 🙁 Trying to get my 5th grader (who is doing virtual school!) on track and I think this will help! Thank you!

  17. Hello Heather,
    Love the student planner.

    However, it stops at 50 % and will not download.

    What should I do?

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