100 Fall Bucket List Ideas

When September rolls around, it’s the perfect time to head outdoors and spend some great family time on an adventure of fall activities.

This is the perfect time to try some of the 100 Fall Bucket List Ideas with anyone who is around–the kids, your neighbors, grandparents, friends and more.

Fall is the perfect time to spend some great family time on an adventure of fall activities using the 100 Fall Bucket List Ideas!

Grab the link to download at the bottom of the post and print out this list of 100 Fall Bucket List Ideas. Hang it on the bulletin board or wherever your kids will see it. When your kids have a little extra time after school or even on the weekend, send the kids to the list to find something fun to do.

There are a few staples you might want to keep on hand this fall to be prepared for the activities below. Here are my kid’s favorites:

100 Fall Bucket List Ideas

  1. Pick some apples
  2. Bake apple pie
  3. Make apple prints
  4. Rake the leaves
  5. Play with the falling leaves
  6. Do a scavenger hunt in the backyard
  7. Do a big puzzle with the family
  8. Feed ducks at the pond or lake (check the rules first)
  9. Paint acorns
  10. Make a recipe in a slow cooker with the whole family
  11. Make family fall photo shoots
  12. Make a bird feeder
  13. Craft with fallen leaves
  14. Pick the pumpkins
  15. Carve or paint  jack-o’-lanterns
  16. Roast the pumpkin’s seeds
  17. Bake pumpkin pie (or purchase one from the store!)
  18. Make pumpkin bread
  19. Watch fall movies
  20. Sip hot chocolate
  21. Go Halloween costume shopping or create one
  22. Watch a local football game
  23. Eat candy corn
  24. Make caramel apples
  25. Volunteer at or donate to a local food pantry
  26. Visit a haunted house
  27. Stroll through the farmer’s market
  28. Go hiking
  29. Decorate your house for Halloween
  30. Bob for apples
  31. Bake fall cookies
  32. Visit a corn maze
  33. Make handprint turkeys for Thanksgiving
  34. Stargaze on a clear night
  35. Go trick-or-treating
  36. Take a foliage drive
  37. Jump in rain puddles
  38. Have a fall picnic in the park
  39. Eat Halloween candy
  40. Have a bonfire on a cool night and make s’mores
  41. Have a family game night
  42. Learn the history of Thanksgiving
  43. Go on a hay ride
  44. Create a scarf
  45. Make apple cupcakes
  46. Visit a fall festival
  47. Update fire alarms
  48. Roast marshmallows
  49. Host a bonfire
  50. Watch the sunset
  51. Watch the sunrise
  52. Ride bike with family
  53. Tell or read ghost stories
  54. Visit an orchard
  55. Shop for gifts
  56. Enjoy homemade soup
  57. Plant fall flowers
  58. Play hopscotch
  59. Stuff a scarecrow
  60. Eat candy corns
  61. Make thankful for list
  62. Go for scenic drive
  63. Collect pinecones
  64. Go trick-or-treating
  65. Drink apple cider
  66. Make a fall wreath for the front door
  67. Attend a halloween party
  68. Go tailgating
  69. Drink a caramel smoothie
  70. Make pinecone bird feeders
  71. Make apple butter
  72. Go geocaching
  73. Donate to a food bank
  74. Wear boots
  75. Pound pumpkin drums
  76. Take a nature walk
  77. Read books about fall
  78. Make chili
  79. Purchase an Advent Calendar
  80. Play in puddles
  81. Clean up yard
  82. Go fishing
  83. Watch the parade
  84. Learn to knit
  85. Take a foggy morning walk
  86. Bring fresh pie to a neighbor
  87. Burn fall-scented candles
  88. Send a letter to a friend
  89. Wear a hoodie
  90. Write a gratitude journal
  91. Play Halloween bingo
  92. Do a random act of kindness
  93. Make pumpkin pancakes
  94. Snuggle by the fire
  95. Have an “unplugged” day
  96. Make granola
  97. Create a fall scrapbook
  98. Go window shopping
  99. Join a book club
  100. Make pumpkins erupt
Fall is the perfect time to spend some great family time on an adventure of fall activities using the 100 Fall Bucket List Ideas!

Make this fall the best ever….just grab those kids up, print out the 100 Fall Bucket List Ideas printable, give the kids a highlighter and let them highlight all the activities they would like to accomplish this fall.



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