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First Day of School Checklist

School starts in just two days, I load up the car with the kids, we have our school supply lists in hand and we head off to Target. And then, I just about die when I see the school aisle. It’s mobbed with kids and moms arguing about what to buy or what not to buy AND the shelves are completely picked over. Why-oh-why did we wait this long to buy supplies.

After that school supply shopping experience an number of years back, I vowed never to procrastinate in our back to school shopping ever again! Instead I came up with an easy plan to make sure I got everything back-to-school related in a timely manner.

First Day of School Checklist


  • Gather school supply Lists
  • Shop for school supplies
  • Shop for backpack (if not using last year’s) and make Backpack Tag
  • Shop for lunchbox
  • Shop for electronic device (if required)
  • Pick out or shop for first day of school outfit
  • Fill out school paperwork



First Day of School Checklist | Free Printable Back to School Guide | Easy back to school tips kids & mom for a successful start to the school year

Taking just a bit of time to plan ahead and feel prepared for the day of school will make a world of difference. Those back to school jitters for both momma and the kids won’t be so bad!



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  1. These are wonderful ideas for back to school ideas and I will use them. Our schools don’t start until after Labour Day so I have time to get all of this ready for three boys who don’t move very fast in the mornings. Thank you so much for sending this.The charts will get set up and they will be familiar with them the last week of holidays. They will like being able to check things off – just like me. I have liked all of your printables and ideas and are using them in my planners.

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