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I couldn’t let a wedding season go by without sharing some fresh Wedding Fonts! If you are designing your own wedding invitations, prepping for a shower and creating favors or even just need some beautiful script fonts, there are lots of great options for you here!

Don’t forget all of the other amazing Wedding Script Fonts on the site.

Not all fonts are commercial free, so check before use!

Fresh Wedding Fonts

Planning a wedding or bridal shower and need some fabulous free wedding fonts? This list of fresh wedding fonts is full of great options!

1. Birds of Paradise | 2. Lace | 3. Reditum | 4. As Long As You Love Me | 5. Dragon is Coming

6. Masterics | 7. Impregnable | 8. Lauren Script | 9. Mademoiselle Camille | 10. Bolina

Looking for a great wedding shower invitation? This free invitation might be just what you need.

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