500+ Free Fonts | Free Font Friday One Year Celebration

500+ Free Fonts


Wow, you all! I can’t even believe that Free Font Friday is over a year old?! I’m not exactly sure where the time has gone!

To celebrate, I thought I would put all of the fonts { 500+ Free Fonts} from the last year in one location for easy access! In order to grab a link for a particular font, just click on the image and it will take you to the list of fonts for that image along with the links!

If you are in love with fonts as much as I am, you might enjoy following my font board on Pinterest! You can check it out and follow it here.


dingbatfonts Free typewriter font download weddingscriptfonts inlinefontsschoolfontschalkboardfonts.1comtemporaryfonts.1summerfontsnotebookfontsstripedfontsTall and Skinny Handwriting FontscollegiatefontspicmonkeyfontsGirly and Pretty Fonts


grungefonts fallfontshalloweenfonts prettyfonts sansseriffonts birthday_fontscommercialfontschristmasfontsnumberfontsswashfontskidfontsletterpressfontsTop 10 Valentine FontsstpatsfontsmonogramfontsbrushfontsgridfontsCalligraphyfontswesternfontscartoonfontscurlyfontseasterfontsstencilfontsspringfontsGroovyfontsinvitationfontsmodernfontsfoodfontsfamouspeoplefonts500+ Free Fonts





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  1. Thank you so much for putting these together. I thought you need to know some of your links (eg.monograms) are not working I know this happens when you move things but there was plent here to fill up on lol thanks again xxxx

  2. Hello, I am trying to find these fonts below and I am have a hard time doing so could you help me out? Thanks.
    kg eyes wide shut
    kg always a good time
    the only exception

  3. Thank you SO much for this post! This is the motherload of free fonts, and probably the last place I’ll ever need to look for them. I know this took a lot of time and effort to compile, so thank you GREATLY!!!

  4. Thank you! I only found one of the monogram fonts link was broken. Everything else downloading great!

  5. Brilliant!!!!! Sooooo glad i stumbled across this site. Thanks for all the awesome fonts. Cant seem to get the birthday fonts though. It isn’t taking me to the page to download them x

  6. Wow! What a great collection. I thought I had a lot of fonts, but I’ve found some news ones I will be downloading. Thanks for your work putting this together.

  7. Thank you!!! These are awesome. Question, can you tell me which font you used for some of the titles … Christmas (swirly with double lines); Birthday Fonts (lines with little lines on ends); Fall (block with line in middle); Food Fonts (Thick lock); Groovy Fons (thick bubbley); Western Fonts (hoedown shadow w/o the shadow); Outline Fonts (written twiceish); and then you have a post withh 100 Holiday Free Fonts – what font is Holiday (script with extra lines). Love these!!!!

    1. Heidi- Every font title is actually one of the free fonts in the list below it. Just take a minute to match up the look of the title to one of the free fonts in the list and you will find the name of it! Hope that helps!

      1. Thank you! I think I figured most of them out, but there are two I cannot place (went through whole post three times). The font for the Christmas Title, which I think you also used for the Sans Serif title and the one you used for the Outline title. Is it in front of my nose and I do not see it? If you do not know off the to of your head, that is ok, I got several great fonts that I am excited to install and use!! Thank you!!

        I am guessing you did the same thing with the Christmas title as you did with the Holiday title, yes? That is why it is “doubled” vs, the Sans Serif one.

  8. The best compilation of great fonts I have ever seen! Like you, I love love love fonts. And I absolutely love your taste for super cute ones. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to share these with me & making it so easily accessible by linking everything. I can’t thank you enough!!!

  9. Thank you for collecting and sharing all of these! I was able to download the ones I wanted. However, I have no idea how to access them in my computer now. I have saved all of the files into a folder, installed each one but now I don’t know where to find and use them at.

  10. Your FONTS are completely awesome! I so appreciate them. I do have a small question though. Is there any way, that you could put each group in a bundle, to just download it as a bundle, instead of doing each one individually? If there is one or more that is unwanted in the group, we could remove it after download. I guess this sounds quite selfish of me, but I just don’t have time to download all of the beautiful FONTS that I want to , do to caring for my disabled husband 24/7..I certainly hope I haven’t offended you, that was not my objective..

  11. Thank you so much! These are amazing! Could you repost the link for the monograms please, it’s not loading. I appreciate these, they are so great!

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